Making History

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Just got back and having withdrawal symptoms. I cannot say enough awesome things about Valentino and his awesomeness all wrapped up in Jamaican hospitality. Natoya's meals were sublime. Troy was everything and everywhere! We were never without! Courtney.. OMG.... love him. And that laugh. I smile thinking about it.

One of my top 5 vacations. Period.

Sheronda Hill, 

Went to Jamaica for the first time for my wife's 40th Birthday. Had such a great time, thought it was my birthday. Beautiful house and scenery. Valentino was great, attentive and hospitable. The chef made great meals 3x a day and the cleaning staff was excellent. And oh yeah, we had a driver that rolled around with us and became a part of our group. One of the best vacations I have ever been a part of. Definitely will recommend this house to my family and friends. Hope to make it back...

Aaron Jones , 

Went to Jamaica for the first time for my wife's 40th Birthday. Had such a great time, thought it was my birthday. Beautiful house and scenery. Valentino was great, attentive and hospitable. The chef made great meals 3x a day and the cleaning staff was excellent. And oh yeah, we had a driver that rolled around with us and became a part of our group. One of the best vacations I have ever been a part of. Definitely will recommend this house to my family and friends. Hope to make it back...

Aaron Jones , 

This vacation was absolutely fabulous and amazing! We stayed for 1
week and did not want to leave! We stayed with 5 other couples
We each had our own rooms that were awesome. Nothing like having
your own private bathroom.
The food was wonderfully delicious and the staff impeccable!
The weather was spectacular! The only drawback was the mosquitoes.
Bring Deet!
Thank you Dreamtime for one of the best vacations ever!
Dori and Ryan Jutte
Ravensdale WA

Dori , 


Sharome Robinson (TEXAS 12) , 

My girls and I will NEVER forget this vacation! Valentino & Natoya are 2 beautiful people who will treat you like royalty! Clayton, our Driver, became family! We are planning our next trip...same house, same crew! Best vacation ever!!

Kishia Means, 

My girls and I will NEVER forget this vacation! Valentino & Natoya are 2 beautiful people who will treat you like royalty! Clayton, our Driver, became family! We are planning our next trip...same house, same crew! Best vacation ever!!

Kishia Means, 

Absolutely wonderful! A beautiful and gorgeous villa with an excellent staff and breath taking views. Worth every penny! I'll definitely go again in the future!😀

Caldin Street, 

Absolutely wonderful! A beautiful and gorgeous villa with an excellent staff and breath taking views. Worth every penny! I'll definitely go again in the future!😀

Caldin Street, 

Hello Mr. Clarke

I was just there for my 5 year Anniversary from July 2nd until July 9th with 5 other couples. I found out about your Villa by Google and gave to my travel agent. We absolutely LOVE your HOUSE - plus Valentino and Courtney!!

We had the time of our life in Jamaica and we could not have done that without your staff. They greeted us with a Smile and that cold wash cloth was a BIG PLUS!! From that point on we became Family. Valentino was very informative about the house and helped with the Excellent food choices. He was everything!! Natoya was Amazing!! All the food dishes prepared was finger licking good. The Rum punch and Rum cake we could not get enough of.

I was clapping and smiling from ear to ear every time I got a piece of cake!! The fruit was fresh and delicious. Valentino and Natoya was on point with everything they did. So welcoming so polite so understanding and a Great Team!!

The other staff just knew what to do. We love the surprises on the bed every day!! Shorty smile would just light our hearts with joy!! My husband William nickname is "Shorty" as well and everyone would laugh everyday. Ur Shorty would hug us and before we left he said he can tell we really enjoyed ourselves and we all looked like family!!

Courtney our man!!! Courtney was a breath of fresh air. He was on time everyday (we was late) but he said no worries and let's go. His knowledge his caring heart his smile and finally his laugh we will NEVER forget. He explained all the tours to us and what he thought would we like. He had much respect from the owners who all enjoyed our company. Courtney told us it's something special about our group and stay like that. WE WILL!!! We all had a great time with him and he his an amazing person.

Mr. Clarke since we posted so much stuff from our trip our peoples back home is going crazy to come to your villa. They asked soooo many questions and we was soooo excited to share any info we had. Again you have a lovely villa with the most Amazing Staff!!!

Finally the boards that the guest prepare before they leave is a Fantastic idea!!

Valentino, Natoya and Courtney we love you!! Never change!! Thanks for making our vacation /honeymoon the time of our life!! WE all just keep saying "We not going to top this: this is history!"


It's been two weeks since I've returned from Dreamtime celebrating my friend's 20th wedding anniversary. It's taken me some time to gather my thoughts regarding my experience at Dreamtime, also known as my "best" vacation ever.

From the moment Courtney picked us up from the airport, there were non-stop good times and laughs. Courtney is such a nice person with an infectious personality and memorable laugh.

When we arrived at Dreamtime, we were greeted by Shorty, Ryan, Marva, Morgan, and Valentino. We were handed some cold towels to wipe our face and refreshing rum punch. We were in awe of the the property and scenery. Valentino gave us a tour of the house and he told us to tell him if we needed anything.

The next four and a half days were the most peaceful and joyous experience I've ever had. Valentino made arrangements for us to visit a private beach at Secrets, riding and swimming with horses, massages, and dinner at the Pork Pit. Each time we traveled through MoBay, Courtney kept us entertained with telling us about Jamaican culture, telling jokes, or playing Bob Marley. Valentino also made arrangements for us to celebrate a birthday with a delicious birthday cake.

Morgan made every meal special. We delighted in various foods such as lobster, salmon steaks, pastas, steamed vegetables, red snapper, jerk chicken, rice and peas, pancakes, bacon, omelettes, fresh fruit, fresh juices, and other Jamaican delicacies. Every meal was capped off with a cocktail or rum punch. I'm allergic to shellfish so I could not indulge in the lobster but everyone said it was the best lobster they've ever had. One person said the lobster meal was the best meal he had ever had.

Ryan and Marva kept all of our rooms neat and tidy and stocked with clean linens, towels, and toiletries. Shorty always ensured that the grounds were clean. It was a wonderful experience conversing with Ryan, Marva, Shorty, Morgan, and Valentino because I learned a lot about Jamaican culture. I rate Dreamtime 10 stars for privacy, professionalism, attention to detail, cuisine, service, exclusivity, and scenery. The staff at Dreamtime made me feel like family.

Since my visit to Dreamtime, people have asked about my experience. I've told many of them that is was the best vacation ever and so many aspects of the vacation are indescribable. You just had to be there.

Dreamtime is the most peaceful and beautiful place I've ever visited. The views are amazing and the staff are top notch. I'm thankful that I was invited to celebrate our friend's anniversary in MoBay at Dreamtime. God willing, Dreamtime will be an annual trip.

Emm Jay Jones, 

All I can say is: "I wanna go back"! I had an awesome time, and wish I had more time to stay. The villa was spectacular, the view was amazing, and the staff, wow: caring, professional, attentive, and just overall fantastic. Our butler, Valentino is the best.....the group I went with...... Valentino made sure that we did not want for anything and I think he spoiled us.....our driver Courtney took us where we needed to go and made sure we were safe, the chefs did a superb job in preparing the meals - Fantastic! The Gardner keep the outside villa remarkable, our views were great, he gave us whole coconuts..... The maids made sure our rooms were cleaned and comfortable, even washed our clothing. We were really on vacation. Thank you each and every one at Dreamtime for making my dream come true!!!!

Treacie H., 

I am not sure there are words fit to describe the experience we had at Dreamtime Villa. Exceptional, Outstanding, relaxing, beautiful, fun, clean and perfect are some that come to mind. Make no mistake this is not just a vacation this is an experience. What we got to experience was not just a spoiled week of pampering. We fell in love with the land and the people. The experience at Dreamtime allows you personal contact with the staff. Should you choose to get to know them, they are open and warm and have great life stories. They are beautiful people inside and out and took better care of us than I could have hoped for or imagined. I said that we could have been happy in a tiki hut with this crew. However we were in the lovely Dreamtime Villa. The villa is large enough to share with multiple families. The bedrooms are all fantastic and to choose the "best" room is a joke. They are all marvelous. Sandene our chef delighted our taste buds. Valentino entertained our crazy whims, Rayan kept us clean and organized. Marva was like an apparition always tidying up something somewhere and also created beautiful braids for the girls. Shortie is my ten year olds new best friend. He can shimmy up a coconut tree like I have never seen and he knows a ton about the local fish and sea life. And Courtney sweet sweet Courtney. Don't even know where to begin about our fantastic charming HYSTERICAL Courtney. I will remember forever his amazing laugh and hope to hear it on my bleakest days next winter! I dare you to try not to be happy around Courtney. Valentino runs the place flawlessly. To quote my good friend that we travelled with, "Don't be sad it is over, be happy it happened." A little piece of my heart was left behind in Jamaica and one day I hope to return to reclaim it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening up your home, your hearts, and your life to a bunch of crazy Americans! One Love!

Brigid Kloostra, 

Not sure even where to start. We started planning this vacation in December 2014 and during that time Mike, the owner, was so helpful, informative, kind and so funny. There were times when I was sure he thought I was a pain in his behind but he was patient and understanding. This was our first vacation like this. We have been on a lot of great vacations in a lot of great locations but Dreamtime was the ultimate. The house is absolutely spectacular. Every room is large and unique. Loved the outdoor showers, took one every day. The living area is decorated to the nines, making you feel right at home in style and comfort. That being said, without the most amazing staff and fabulous food it would not have been the same. Valentino, Butler extraordinaire, goes above and beyond to make your stay the best....anything you want or need, anything you want to do, eat, drink(yummy rum punch) he can and will make it happen. Would have brought him home if we could. Sandy and Natoya, chefs from heaven!! Every meal was spectacular, the table was always set beautifully, different colour patterns every meal, so homey!! Suzan and Nordia do a fabulous job keeping everything sparkling and are so sweet. Shorty keeps the property and beach area pristine. And he is so knowledgeable about all the plants and trees, thanks for the lessons Shorty!! The property would not be complete without Courtney, driver, tour guide and general protector of his riders. I can honestly say that these people were a part of our extended family when we left and we'll definitely miss them and their awesome smiles, conversations and spectacular service!!! We will be booking again for 2017 and hopefully every year after. We just have to decide who gets to come along!!! Thanks Dreamteam for making our vacation so amazing!!

Kelly Wamboldt, 

Our stay at the Dreamtime Villa was astounding we must repeat again!

Our group thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Dreamtime Villa. The views from the home were fabulous. The bedrooms were fabulous, the food fabulous, I guess you can say we felt our stay at Dreamtime Villa was fabulous. We were well cared for and those cute squares of wood are not big enough to express the feelings about our experiences while staying at Dreamtime Villa. This review cannot continue without mentioning the staff at the Dreamtime Villa who were extremely attentive. We did not want for anything!!!!

Nadia and Susie, you were so pleasant and kind during our stay. You made us feel truly at home while visiting Jamaica, even when we were embarrassed about certain things. You made us feel like we all one big family. When you were not present we looked for your smile and easy going manner, you were missed on those days you were assigned elsewhere. You two are truly beautiful people.

Frankie you ensured our safety wherever we went and we thank you for taking that worry from our group. We enjoyed your lovely lilt as you gave us the history of the island, told jokes and made sure that our expectations were properly set. The guidance that you gave us on the island activities was deeply appreciated by our group.

R. Phillips and Chef O'Neil, we cannot express in words the enjoyment that we had while you took care of our group. Your laughter, quick wit and attentiveness was boundless with our group. You educated us on food and wine and made each and every day a bigger joy. When we went on our excursions we could not wait to return to the villa, we missed the conversation and the interactions. The camaraderie was astounding and our "laughing veins" is still pulsing with memories of the good times.

The Dreamtime Villa exemplified the Mardi Gras saying "Laissez les bon temps roulez", let the good times roll. The Staff of Dreamtime Villa showed and lived the saying "No Problem, Mon". Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Four Sister's Getaway, 

To the Dreamteam Villa Staff

I will start by saying a special thank you to the staff at dreamtime villa and the owner for making this happen. The Villa was exceptional in every way possible and exceeded our expectations.

My wife and I got married here on the 4th September 2015 with the view that it would capture paradise that could be shared with close family and friends and it was. The wedding was beautiful with a location and people present that left us with memories that will be heartfelt for years to come. The pictures of the villa speak for itself and gave an ambience of luxurious bliss beyond our wildest dreams. However, let me just say this. From someone who has managed customer service in the past and work consistently with people on a daily basis to get the best from them. The staff here were beyond exceptional and more. If this place was situated somewhere else and not as gorgoues as it is the staff here would have made it an absolute pleasure, regardless. These guys are simply awesome, genuine and accommodating with a natuaral ability to connect with people, assisting with and beyond our needs in every way. They make paradise heaven and this is in no way an exaggeration. Read the previous reviews for yourselves. How they are able to connect with people the way they do feel like family and then say good bye at the end of your stay is difficult.

Valentino Smith - Butler/Manager
You are warm, welcoming, approachable and dedicated to the highest level of customer service. You set the standard and maintain the bar it in a way that it should be called family service because that's how it felt. You know at times we wanted to help but you wouldn't allow it. You work from dawn until midnight and you are super elegant with that little flair and style. Absolutely love it. Please have a break soon you deserve it.

Nagoya Johnson - Chef
Lord have mercy!!! Your secret ingredients and dedication to learning new and innovative ways to make food for your guests at this villa is smashing. Your family must be proud of you and look forward to your cooking. I almost envy them. Your smile in the kitchen and approach to barbecue ribs are the best I have tasted and is causing my mouth to water as I write this. I wish you all the best and more for the future.

Sanchell & Nardia - House-keeping
Every time I saw you guys you were doing something, whether mopping the floors to making the beds to washing and all with laughter and a smile. You showed interest in our wedding and culture, providing us with suggestions and insisting we relax wherever possible, especially when we made our own beds lol.

Frankie - Driver
This guy where did he not drive. We are so thankful for your hard work and dedication to aim to please. You always did it with a smile and made journeys/excursions interesting, humerous and educational (history of the island). I really don't know how you do it but you work HARD with an authenticity that's likeable, trusting and warm. Thank you for looking after me the night before the wedding.. It was emotional lol. You to now get some rest.

All in all this place is amazing but not just because of the awesomeness of the modern decor and design of the building and grounds but because of the staff that are attached to it. They will truly be missed and I don't believe and I am sure I speak for the rest of the family that the stay would have been the same without them. 11 out of 10 and once again a big thank you to the Dreamteam. I hope to visit again soon. Take care.

Casey Gordon, 

The trip was absolutely wonderful!! I know for a fact every single family member enjoyed themselves to the max.

Sooo much feedback I don't even know where to start!

Mr. Oneil (Chef) was simply amazing!! He was so versatile in his style of cooking and brought a different surprise to the table every night. The younger kids we had with us thoroughly enjoyed every meal and had no complaints :) Besides his style of cooking, he was a great person to be around and so knowledgeable about the various fruits and foods around the area. He has a great personality and a talent satisfy everyone's stomachs :)

Mr. Rayon Phillips....I don't even know where to start. To ensuring we had drinks in our hands by 9am to making sure we had extra towels before any excursion. Mr. Phillips knew how to take car of his people and he always did it with a big smile on his face. He is such a pleasurable person to be around and knew exactly what each individual in the house needed to make sure they were happy!! He went above and beyond to ensure that every single person in the house had what they needed and if we didn't have it, he would make sure we had it no matter what. As we were in Jamaica celebrating my mom's 50th birthday I had told Mr. Phillips a few arrangements I wanted done for the table and he went above and beyond to setting the table up while also keeping it cost efficient for me!! (Please see attached pictures). He has such a big heart and I couldn't have asked for a better butler then Mr. Rayon Phillips!!! We loved him!!! :)

Mr. Frankie our driver was absolutely fantastic!! He was a safe driver who knew who all the places to be in Montego Bay. Every ride in the van was entertaining with Mr. Frankie as we never sat in silence on our long rides to excursions. He took us to the coolest place called Blue Hole where the entire family enjoyed themselves. He is such a caring person who made sure we were always comfortable when traveling and made sure we had everything we needed. Without a doubt he knew how to make every single person in the van laugh and was the best singer we've ever seen :)

Housekeeping Staff (Susan and Marva) were absolutely wonderful!! They were so efficient and had the villa cleaned before we could even blink. There were always clean towels, beds made, and laundry done!! We all even learned how to make cute towel animals! Thanks to these lovely ladies we had a clean villa to always come back to after a day of fun and excursions and it was the best feeling ever!! Thank you :)

We were in Dreamtime from August 23-30 celebrating my mother's 50th birthday and we all had an absolute blast!!! I know for a fact my mother (Asha) feels the same way. She said when she last spoke to you on the phone she was so happy with how the entire trip went. Every single family member enjoyed themselves and we wouldn't have been able to do that without such a wonderful staff!!! We seriously believe we had the best staff Dreamtime has to offer and we are so excited to plan another trip back in the future. Thank you for such a great trip and having such great staff members, we truly enjoyed ourselves!!!!

Aleka, Asha, Kris E, 

Dreamtime by the Sea is true to its name! I was here in May and plan to return. The house is absolutely gorgeous! The staff is awesome! It was so relaxing spending evenings watching the sunset by pool or in the pool. The Chef.....OMG!!! I could go on and on. Thank you for a most incredible and memorable time.

Gina Hagans, 

There are no words to express are amazing trip to Dream Time! Every step from working with Lisa, Christina, Stephanie and Swady at Jamaican Treasures. ... to every detail planned and prepared by Oneil, our chef, Phillip, our all knowing butler, Courtney, our driver with the laugh never to be forgotten, Suzanne and Nordia our housekeepers! They all made our trip amazing by never missing a detail. Our every need was met quickly, even when we didn't know there was a need. The house was great and we actually had the most fun the day we just stayed "Home", swimming, playing volleyball, kayaking, and jet skiing. It was the best vacation ever! Thank you Dream Time staff for all you did to make #TruLove! 's trip a dream turned reality! 5 stars!

Tra' Stewart , 

May 31, 2015- June 5, 2015

This was by far the most amazing villa our group has stayed in. Not only accommodating but pleasing a group of 12 is no easy task. The staff surpassed every expectation we had. The villa itself is nothing short of picturesque. The online photos do it no justice. It's modern decor and scenic views are simply amazing. The staff seemed to know exactly what you wanted before you even knew what you wanted! The chef pampered us with 3 meals of our choice and anything extra that we requested every day. The food was authentic and plentiful. Valentino was the "butler", but I must say that title does him no justice. He was far more than a butler. He assisted with meals, planning activities, cleaning and food and alcohol purchases. But above all he was simply an all around nice guy who was a pleasure to chat with!

I give this villa and staff 5 stars!

J. , 

Our stay at the villa was nothing less than wonderful. The actual villa itself is modern, well kept, and beautiful. The chef, Latoya, always cooked delicious food, and was very helpful at all times. The maids, Suzanne and Nordia, were always very helpful, and kept the whole villa spotless. The groundskeeper (don't remember his name) quietly kept the villa beautifully, and Valentino, the manager and butler always made sure that everything ran smoothly. If he saw something to do, it got done right away. We had two drivers, Courtney and Frankie (Courtney had a day off.) Both were very good at what they do. Because the staff are on premises, everything was always done promptly. Everyone in our party-10 of us from Chicago, who came down May 23rd-30th-loved it so much we started making plans to come back next year!!

John and Betty Finkbeiner, 

Carlin Family Celebration: April, 4th-11th..2015

Where do we start!!!!!

From the moment we contacted Lisa at Jamaican Treasures about Dreamtime, the "Magic" began. We have NEVER worked with a group of dedicated people as,” All” from Jamaican Treasures and the Incredible staff.
Every detail of the Villa, our special Birthday, Anniversary, Band for the Big Party, Sailing trip and our massages by Paulette, requests were met with perfection. !!!!!

We were greeted at the airport by Courtney our driver. What a fun character he is. Off to a great start. Upon our arrival, the staff welcomed us with cool towelettes and a refreshing drink. Walking into Dreamtime, you know you are in for a spectacular vacation.
The Villa is appointed with the highest quality furniture, art & is immaculate. The bathrooms are huge and the outdoor showers are simply wonderful.

The housekeeping staff is always working to keep things perfect.!! All the ladies are wonderful. The turn down service makes you want to curl up in bed and never leave. But with the pool, views of the ocean, kayaking, naps in the comfortable outdoor furniture, you get up early & enjoy the day.

Speaking of early, our coffee was ready every morning at 6am. The smell of home made banana bread, bacon and pancakes were just the beginning of incredible meals prepared by Natoya. We had a Pig Roast on the Birthday Party Night for my husband. It was cooked to perfection. Everyday, the amazing Natoya did the “ Amazing”.. From the must have Red Pea Soup to the Whole Fresh Snapper and the Coconut Curried Shrimp…. Every meal a triumph…!!!!!!

Our Granddaughter has Celiac… Natoya made sure her food was gluten free.. What an effort to make sure she was a happy girl. We had Birthday Cakes on several evenings for different family members, as we celebrated 3 birthdays. Natoya made the cakes from scratch and I must say, the “BEST” cakes we ever had. We cannot say enough about Natoya, as a chef, but most of all, her genuine love of cooking and making sure everyone is happy. She is an asset to Dreamtime, but to us, she is Family. !!!!!

A special Thank you to Devon…. cleaning the pool, setting up volley ball, getting the kayaks ready for the children & helping me with all the Birthday banners. Love your smile, Devon.

Now to Valentino……. The Majordomo….. No one could do a better job in taking care of or anticipating your every need. Valentino is a “Special Man”… who’s heart is truly set on making your time at “Dreamtime “ a Perfect time. Valentino did so many things for us my list would be pages long. For example, one night, someone in the family said they would like to have some Ice Cream. Valentino heard this. Without saying a word, at 9pm, by the way, he left the Villa and returned with Ice Cream… Everyday he prepared virgin daiquiris for the kids and served them by the pool. What a treat for the kids. He made them feel grown up & special…. TOO many wonderful things to list them all. Valentino made our entire family feel very special.
He too, is Family.

We wish everyone could have the wonderful experience we have had. To leave a vacation and feel like you have left behind a part of your family, is a true testament to the all the people at “Dreamtime”. We can not wait to go back.

We miss you all!!!

Christine & Jeff Carlin

Christine Carlin, 

Our family of 12 (including an infant) spent a week+ at Dreamtime this past Thanksgiving and couldn't have been happier! The accommodations, the staff, everything was wonderful. We had the BEST family vacation and cannot wait to come back again next year. We have wonderful memories and appreciate everything the entire staff did to make our stay there a memorable one. We LOVE Dreamtime!


Hello! I just wanted to personally email you to let you know from the beginning to the end my stay at Dreamtime was absolutely perfect in every way! I looked at sooooooooooo many websites and on every website Dreamtime kept popping up but since it was a little out of my price range I was just wishing I could bring in my 40th at Dreamtime. But I prayed about it and I took the chance of emailing you to see if you could work with me. And you did…….my prayers were answered. I really didn't know how I was going to pay for the villa, but I figured if god answered my prayers then I will figure out a way to make it happen. I worked endless hours at multiple jobs everyday without a day off for months and it all paid off. Thank you so much for working with me because I must say my Birthday was unforgettable and very special. Not just because it was my birthday but because I was able to bring my family and friends together along with your wonderful staff to create bonds and everlasting friendships. I must say your staff is superb! I've been coming to Jamaica a long time but I have yet to taste food as good as Loxley's food. HE CAN COOK……OMG! He had all of us licking our fingers and rubbing our bellies lol. Valentino…….I felt like he was a close cousin I haven't seen in a while. He is just so nice and easy going yet very very attentive without being fake about it. Many times I have stayed at different places in Jamaica and were the staff was nice but it wasn't genuine and I felt like I was just another paying customer and not a person. Valentino is very genuine and theres nothing fake about the fact that he's passionate and he absolutely loves his job and the people he has to take care of at Dreamtime. The gardner (I'm so sorry I can't recall his name) is a gem as well. My Dad had stepped on sea enchants and he helped picked the thorns out of his hand/foot……..thats beyond great service, thats just having a kind compassionate heart (you can't get that just anywhere). Both of the girls…….Bubbly personality, funny, and sooooooo kind. The house itself was very true to the pictures. Everything about its physical appearance, space, and decor is perfect in every way! But the vibe and the energy of the property is very good and peaceful. The whole flow of the home is calming! I'm sure I'm not the first to say you have a gem with Dreamtime! But I just wanted to let you know how special dreamtime is/was to me and my family/friends. Turning 40 is a milestone. But turning 40 at Dreamtime was life changing and magical for me. Thank you so much, Lisa. I will never ever forget my experience there!

Keona Y

Keona Y, 

When we first walked into Dreamtime, we were quite surprised. This modern and amazing house surpassed our expectations. It truly is a 5 star place to stay. Not only is the house fabulous and wonderfully situated- but the staff are beyond spectacular and truly make the experience. I booked Dreamtime for my 32nd Birthday and brought along 11 friends to celebrate. It was over Halloween and they knew we would be having a dressed-up party. They decorated for my birthday AND for Halloween. Complete with spider webbing and spiders all over!
Chef Miss. P and the Butler Damion were very hard-working and did everything they could to please and cater to us. The food was perfect !
Damion worked very hard and was very attentive and sweet- despite it being his birthday on the very same day as mine !!
Our driver, Courtney, was fantastic. He knew all the hidden gems to take us to and constantly made us roar with laughter all the while.
We didn't want it to end. All in all- it was worth every dollar and we'll never stay in a resort/all-inclusive style again.
My Mother has already made plans to return in August!
Book-it. Its impossible to be disappointed.

Jennifer & Shawn, 

My "Girls Week" at Dreamtime was the best trip I have ever planned. We had the best time. Damion was the BEST he went above and beyond, his level of service was like no other we have ever experienced. We have already began planning our return visit...

Celeste Payne from Boston MA., 

The entire staff welcomed us on day one. Greeting all guest with a great big hug. The best hospitality provided. No resort gives this form of hospitality. The staff members made us all feel like family and we treated the staff the same. The housekeeping was the best. The chef never batted a strike. The butler was on point at all times. The property is spectacular, roomy, gorgeous, breath taking, and soothing. This was the best place to spend our vacation. The owner was so friendly and easy to work with. I recommend anyone to visit this location. You will never want to stay in a resort again.


My family and I just returned last night from dreamtime and i am missing it so much! the house and the staff were warm and welcoming the whole time we were there. I was there with another family and between us we had 4 young children, ranging from age 20 months to 7 years old and they were thoroughly entertained from finding crabs, going fishing, and picking cocounuts off the trees! they never wanted to leave the house to see anything else. Valentino was a wonderful person and made sure that we had everything we needed from food, to entertainment and even managed for a doctor to come to see my son when he was not feeling well. Ms. P (the chef), Patrina, Nadia, Courtney and Deven were all extremely patient, and kind with us and became quick favorites to our children. I felt pampered and was able to soak in the beauty that jamaica has to offer because i didnt have to worry about anything else. I am already trying to figure out our next trip! Stay at dreamtime, you will love it!

Shabnam Mirza, 

Spent 7 awesome days at Dreamtimewith my famil! The staff is just so nice.They are great with kids.My grandkids had them very busy.Petagaye the chef made me feel so special with my vegetarian dishes and my authentic Jamaican food. Damion the butler is A plus!! Courtney the drive so pleasant and will take just anywhere A plus for Courtney.Petrina and Nadia superb with kids.As a Jamaican living in the US I have stayed at several villas in Jamaica but there is non to match the quality of service like Dreamtime!! Great place for families!!

Paulett Kenwood , 

I just touched down in the states and my first order of business is to express my thanks to ALL the staff at Dreamtime! Forget any resort you may want to visit. Dream time is where it's at! From the shuttle service pick up at the airport to the welcome by the wait staff everything was awesome. Three outstanding meals a day, housekeeping turns your room twice a day, the groundskeeper keeps you entertained in and out of the pool. Valentino the butler service was excellent and second to none! He made sure everything ran smoothly and ensured everyone had a smile on their face from arrival to departure. I'll sum it all up like this...stop searching around STAY AT DREAMTIME!!!!!


For the last five years I have been visiting Jamaica and staying in different villas. And I can truly say I have finally found the perfect villa. For the moment I arrived at Dreamtime Villa I know it was something special. Everyone who is associated with Dreamtime Villa is fist class; the owner Michael is the most pleasant and thoughtful person you will ever interact with. Courtney the driver is A+ he will take you to all the local spot and show you all Jamaica has to offer. My family loved the staff at Dreamtime, and the chef dishes were amazing. My children kept Damion the butler busy making them bubblegum smoothie around the pool daily. And Pathreina and Donnette are excellent with kids my children loved the staff highly recommend staying at Dreamtime and will be returning very soon. I already miss Damion Rum Punch and Jamaica Smile. We were so fortunate to stay at Dreamtime!

Recommended for: Age 55+, Families with Young Children


My friends and I went to Dreamtime to celebrate my 55th birthday and it is appropriately named because it was a dream come true. Everything about the villa....the view, the floor plan, the decor, the amenities, the staff, the meals and most of all, the service, were all First Class! Our only complaint is that we couldn't stay longer! This is the perfect place for any reason, whether just a vacation getaway, a celebration, family gathering, etc.
Recommended for: Age 55+, Adventure Seekers, Girls Getaway, Tourists without a Car, Sightseeing, Families with Teenagers, Families with Young Children, People with Disabilities, Romantic Getaway
My Response
You are welcome back any time! Your Dream Team is waiting for you. Absolutely delighted to host you and will see you in 2015!


Our holiday at Dreamtime was superb! The villa is fantastic, we were thoroughly spoilt by the staff and enjoyed every minute of relaxing by Montego Bay.

We will be back to experience it all again. Thankyou.


I felt I was living in Paradise. Superb hosts. Wonderful staff. And the rum cocktails were something else!! So so special.


This place was magical. Will remember this for the rest of my life. Wow!!!

Jordan M,